Friday, January 1, 2016

Altra: A Dream Come True

It all started with the shoes above. That is, my love affair with Altra Running. As soon I tried on the Lone Peak 2.0, well, I knew I found the brand I would wear for the rest of my days. Everything about them made me happy. The feel. The wide toebox. The natural foot shape. The amount of cushion. The zero drop platform. I had found the shoe that I had been looking for, and I wanted more. The Instinct 2.0 came next. After that was the Provision 1.5, then the Olympus 1.5. And to round it out to five, the Paradigm. Each model is different, but each felt perfect in their own way.

Another reason I absolutely love the Altra brand? I was suffering from Morton's neuroma in my left foot when they found their way to me. If you don't know what that is, it is very painful. Just standing and putting pressure on it could make me wince in real pain. Wearing my different models helped ease the pain greatly. From walking to running, as well as casual, they really helped. The bonus of wearing any Altra model? They look awesome on your feet. And because they looked great, I snapped photos while running different roads and trails. My various social media sites have a lot of shoe pics. I have always loved when Forrest said, "My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes." That is so true!

However, you can also tell a lot about the brand, and company, by the shoes they create. In the 'Our Story' section on the Altra running website, Golden Harper says, "Zero Drop™ was just one of the steps we took to return runners' feet to their natural position. The research made it clear that our shoe needed a toe box that actually mirrored the shape of a healthy foot—imagine that! We built the distinctive FootShape™ toe box specifically to help alleviate foot problems, including bunions, neuromas, and plantar fasciitis. It also enhances stability and comfort while providing a more powerful push-off." When I first read that, I was blown away. Finally a company and its top talent gets it. Our feet are not meant to be shoved in shoes that don't fit because of design. The toes need to splay out naturally. The foot needs to sit inside...relaxed. If they don't, you are risking injury. This doesn't just go for running.

Some of you that stumble over this blog and take time to read it may not know anything about Altra Running. But those of us that love distance running on trails, and roads, know a lot about them. We also know that being selected as an ambassador is a coveted spot. That alone is a great testimony to how people feel for Altra. With that said, I am honored to say that I am officially an ambassador with Altra for the 2016 year. It's been three weeks since I found out that I was selected. And as I sit here and type this today, I am still on cloud nine. I am so stoked that I get to represent a company I truly believe in. Again, this just doesn't go for running. So many people in the 'real world' benefit from wearing Altra shoes. As one of those people, I am excited to spread the Altra love to any, and all.

I have already met many great fellow ambassadors who share the desire to spread Altra's vision. 2016 is going to be a great year, and I am extremely grateful that I have the chance to be a part of it. Whether on social media, trails or roads, or at races, I am going to enjoy talking about all the great things coming. If you have been on the fence about trying Altra, go for it! Your feet will certainly thank you.

I still can't believe it. "WELCOME TO THE ALTRA TEAM."

I am stoked beyond belief.

2016...Here We Come!

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ZDeM said...

Well said.
Altra produces an exceptional product line with exceptional quality.
I'm still working my way down to zero drop in my regular running shoes, but I already own several pairs of Altras.
Great shoes, great company.