Sunday, January 18, 2015

Injinji Toesocks Win Hands Down!

Before I get into my review, let me first say that I am an ambassador for Injinji Toesocks. But that doesn't mean I can't be swayed to also like another style of sock, even for a few miles. That's why I was stoked when a pair of Feetures! Performance Socks made their way to my door. I now had a legit pair of traditional running socks to compare Injinji to. All in good fun, as always.

I was sent a pair their Elite Ultra Light Low Cut series. Their website breaks down their description as follows.

"The Power Arch (Patent Pending) delivers targeted compression where it’s needed most. Anatomical design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by eliminating blisters. Ultra thin construction takes up minimal room inside the shoe. iWick fibers wick moisture to keep feet cool and dry. The Perfect Toe® (No irritating toe seam"

It was time to get the answer to my question. Will I actually like a traditional sock after wearing Injinji's every single day of the year for the past six years?

Spoiler Alert: I had my answer in less than one minute. I knew it as soon as I slipped my foot into the Feetures! for the first time. I remembered why I walked away from traditional socks. Simply put...they just don't fit, look, or feel me.

I decided to go for a run in them to see how well they performed. Nothing hard or technical, just an easy run along our local towpath. The only way I can describe my run is like this. Have you ever put on a pair of new shoes and went running? And during your run, did you think to yourself over and over that you knew they weren't right for your feet? That's what I did. I could actually feel my toes rubbing together. With miles of rubbing, and eventual friction, a small blister started forming between my pinky and ring toes. By the way, this is the exact reason I walked away from traditional socks. Companies may say their material is the best at moisture wicking, slowing hot spots, and preventing blisters. However, if your toes are sweating inside of a sock and they are rubbing each other, thus causing friction, no traditional sock can prevent that.

To me, as well as hundreds of thousands of other people, only Injinji Toesocks can do that. That's why they are the original, and best toesock provider in the world. One thing I like is when people say a picture is worth a thousand words, because it really is. Scroll back up and look at how my feet are in the Feetures! and then look at how they are in this photo while I am wearing my Injinji's.....

Although people say that "toesocks look funny", this feature actually helps properly align your toes so they can splay out naturally. Add in that with each toe wrapped in Injinji's sweat wicking fabric, blisters are completely eliminated. With that said, the only thing you have to worry about on your run is....your run.

I would like to thank Feetures! for sending me a pair of their socks for a tryout and review. While these socks, or any other traditional sock, are not meant for me, many other people love them. The same can be said about toesocks. Some people just don't like them. In the end, it's all about personal preference.

*The reason I stand behind Injinji is because I love how they feel on my feet. I also stand behind them because they naturally help my feet and toes. The fact that I have not received a blister since 2007 is also insane! That's over 10,000 miles of running and racing...and NOT one blister!

Side Note: Since Injinji toesocks give your feet and toes that natural foot shape, I like to run in Altra Running Shoes.

As Injinji is the original and best toesock, Altra created the natural footbed and zero drop style. To me, they are a perfect match.

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Brian Kemper said...

Cool review Ray, I switched over about 6 months ago when my 13 year old son told me I had to try a pair. I haven't gone back. I'm the @bkemper5 on twitter that found you btw.