Friday, November 28, 2014

Altra Lone Peak 2.0: My Personal Review

I have been wanting to do a review for the Lone Peak 2.0 from Altra Running ever since slipping them on for the first time. However, I stayed the course and put in some really technical and quality runs first.

As a person that suffers from Morton's Neuroma in my left foot, running on super technical trails like the Appalachian Trail can really hurt. A hurt so bad that it makes me want to scream out in pain. It has literally shut my running down to almost nothing. So when a super cool friend who is a part of the Expo Team at Altra told me about the Lone Peak 2.0, I was all for it. I then stalked review after review until the day they arrived at my front door. When I slipped them on, I was instantly satisfied. Next stop...the Appalachian Trail.

One of the many things I was stoked about on the Lone Peak 2.0 was the insane amount of grip and traction underneath. I normally run in a zero drop minimalist road style shoe that has minimal traction underneath. While this is just fine for roads, running on very rocky and technical terrain is sketchy at best. I loved the carbon rubber TrailClaw outsole on the LP2, which has a unique uphill and downhill lug traction for every trail condition. Therefore, I did not have to worry about any slipping at all. While reading past reviews, I was worried because people kept saying they slipped when planting their feet on rocks. I, for one, did not slip on wet or dry surfaces at all.

Another great feature is their patented Sandwiched StoneGuard that protects your feet from rocks and debris. And when you run on terrain like I do, that is a life saver! Add in the FootShape toe box that Altra is known for and you have a shoe that you can run miles and miles in without worry. Your toes have room to spread out naturally. Your feet, if prone to swelling, have plenty of room without feeling constricted.

Something else that the Lone Peak 2.0 offers is their GaiterTrap Technology. This is something avid trail runners will appreciate. That nice little velcro piece right on the heel keeps your gaiters in tact so you don't have to worry about debris sliding in mid run. Thank you Altra for this! I appreciate the fact that I can run in ankle deep leaves and not worry about anything other than running.

At the time of this review, I have put 102 miles on the Lone Peak 2.0. I absolutely love this shoe for trails, dirt, and packed tow path. I have found the weight to not be as bad as some would say. Maybe it would be for lighter runners, but at 6'2 and 192, this is not a problem for me. To sacrifice some added weight for a more plush ride, 25mm stack height, and lateral rockplate is worth it. The heel fit is a problem for some because of the thickness associated with it. Again, something I personally like because it pads the ankles when hitting rocks the wrong way.

The only problem I have noticed with the LP2, and this is minor, would be the toe bumper/guard that leads up form the bottom of the shoe. I have noticed some peeling away due to scraping some rocks. Not that this is a major problem, but something to look into.

I have yet to see any fraying or anything wrong with the upper so far, which is a good thing. I have put 90% of my miles on the AT and these shoes have lived up to their potential. My longest run has been a little over 27 miles. I felt no hot spots, irritation, or discomfort. This is huge because of my Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. I felt as if I could easily run 50 miles at one time without any worry at all. I truly believe these shoes have saved my running as far as trails go. I can now go to the mountains and run pain free, and for that, another big thank you to Altra Running shoes.

I look forward to many more miles in the Lone Peak 2.0 and hope you see the benefits that I do. By far, this is the best trail shoe that I have ever worn. Thanks for reading!!

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