Saturday, January 11, 2014

Orange Mud Equals Awesome!

If you are a runner, hiker, walker, biker...please remember this name: Orange Mud Hydration Packs. This great "new" company from Corona, California is making waves in the running/biking industry. Why? Because they have a concept that REALLY works! (more on that later when I do my formal review next week).

What I really wanted to do today (with this blog) is to tell you how great they are. Not the brand itself, which it is, but the team working to get your products to you as fast as possible. Social media sites like Twitter handcuff you to quick responses so it's hard to get the point across. On Facebook, one has to be your friend to see what you write. With a blog, the world can see it. That's my have anyone and everyone know how awesome this company is.

I went to their website yesterday (Jan-10th) to order the HydraQuiver hydration pack. I also ordered their really cool Running Hat. As an online shopper, I figured I would get an email within 24 hours saying it would ship next business day. Pretty standard business practice. Well OrangeMud isn't pretty standard. Less than 30 minutes later I had an email in my inbox saying my order had been processed and was being shipped!

I was stoked! Heck, as I type this a day later, I still am. This isn't some big corporation that sees us as a number or a dollar sign. They see us as what we are, a real life consumer. Some of you may think I am stretching the truth with this, yet I am not. How many times have you ordered something and it didn't ship for days? Maybe because there was a high demand or because some other reason slowed them down.

With Orange Mud, I don't see that happening. They're a small company that is growing quickly because of word of mouth and great products. Products and gear that are made in the U.S.A. and that carry one heck of a lifetime warranty. So before you think about that big company that charges a two days pay for a hydration pack, remember Orange Mud and buy from people that really want our business.


AL said...

Thanks Ray. Reviews like this mean so much to us, your fellow runners. Glad you stuck that "Made in USA" comment. That means more to me than same-day shipping. Run long!

Ray J Jr said...


Thank you very much! I couldn't agree with you more!