Saturday, August 10, 2013

My New Role with ENERGYbits

On Wednesday, August, 7th, I was formally introduced as the first ever "Brand Ambassador Advocate at Large" for ENERGYbits . Some of you may be wondering what ENERGYbits is, which is fine. That's why I am writing this blog. I am here to help educate people on what a great company Bits Of Health is, and what their great product ENERGYbits can do for you.

Bits of Health and their products, ENERGYbits, RECOVERYbits, SKINNYbits, and VITALITYbits, are the creation of Catharine Arnston. Catharine, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Bits of Health, has spent years learning about Spirulina algae, as well as Chlorella algae. When speaking to her or just listening, you can really tell that creating a healthier world is her mission. She has built her company from the ground up, dedicating thousands of hours learning anything and everything she could about the benefits of algae. She has also assembled a great group of people to help build her company to where it is today. I am humbled and honored to be able to say I am a part of such a great company.

This next step will be both educating and amazing. I will get the chance to work with my fellow ambassadors and learn more about them. I will also take the time to learn more about algae and its many wonderful benefits. Until I met Catharine and her dedicated group, especially Jonathan Levitt, I thought algae was just something that grew in water. Now I am fascinated with it. It really is the most incredible gift that planet earth has ever created.

Do you know that by taking ENERGYbits Spirulina algae, your body is absorbing 64% percent of raw protein. And that you are getting 40 nutrients. All of this in one single tablet, or bit as we call them. Sprirulina algae from ENERGYbits is so healthy that you can stop taking store bought supplements and vitamins. Think about how many pills you are putting in your stomach daily. Calcium, multivitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, etc. Think about the money that is spent in a month's time on all of these. Think about all the added ingredients that are used when manufacturing these pills. Now think about taking a 100% vegan, healthy alternative. One that is 100% natural with no added colors, no additives. One that works with your body and not against it.

Lets talk cost. At $115 a bag, or roughly $80.50 with a Brand Ambassador's top discount, you are set for a month straight. That's if you take 30 bits a day. You may think that is rather pricey, but lets break it down. We all know how much a Starbucks coffee/latte/espresso can be. Yet most of the general public will not bat an eye at splurging on them daily. Or how about a SONIC burger meal, which can run you somewhere near $9.00 for one person. Why did I use these examples? Because a Starbucks brewed coffee (20-24 ounce) will fill you with an insane amount of caffeine...415mg for just that one drink. Clearly we know that is not good. And SONIC's food, whether it is tasty or not, is fast food. WE ALL know fast food is not good for our bodies. Yet we will buy these things daily without a care in the world. If we would just cost out some coffee or some greasy fast food, the price of ENERGYbits really isn't all that high anymore. Actually, it's quite affordable.

If you are still not ready to go all in and buy a bag, there is another option. ENERGYbits has set up a very nice "Sample Program" where you can buy a single serving sample for just $5.00. That also includes shipping. Canada residents would be $10.00. International would be $12.00. That truly is a great deal. They are selling you the bits at cost because they want a healthier society. You can email if you would like some more information.

My "job" as a Brand Ambassador Advocate at Large is so many things rolled up into one. But most importantly, it is caring about you, the potential consumer. It is getting you to test this great product, and not stopping until I succeed. This food/algae that has been here since earth's beginning. From helping with colds to helping with the rebuilding of your red blood cells. From mental clarity to endurance. For a healthier and happier lifestyle, Bits of Health has a product that matches your needs.

This isn't a marketing pitch. I wasn't asked to do this. I took the time to write this up for you because I want you to know there is a healthier option. My question to you is simple. What would you pay for great health? The answer should be simple..."Anything."

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to contact me via Twitter at RayRunsLong or through my Facebook at Ray Jackson Jr if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am always free to help.

Now go get PoweredByBits

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