Thursday, June 27, 2013

Energy & Recoverybits: An Excellent Combination

There's just something special about this awesome green pill. So small, yet so powerful. Like Kyle Dietz...little, but packs a knock-out punch. Add in the fact that it is 100% raw food with all natural ingredients and you have a winning formula.

I came into contact with ENERGYbits around September of 2012 after chatting with Jonathan, who is their Brand Manager. He then sent me a sample "tin" of around 50 bits to take and review. While waiting for my sample to arrive, I researched what ENERGYbits really was. I found nothing negative at all. I was looking for something that I could substitute my long runs with. Gels were ripping my insides apart. All of the artificial ingredients and sugars would not break down and caused stomach cramps, as well as other issues. I loved reading about ENERGYbits being 100% Spirulina Algae. But what really intrigued me was that they increase endurance, increase energy, boost alertness, and lower blood pressure.

They also pack a whopping amount of protein. ENERGYbits actually contain the highest concentration of protein in the world, coming in at 64%. That's three times the amount of a steak. And if you are vegetarian-vegan like myself, that is something we need. They also contain 40 nutrients, yet only 1 calorie per bit. The rave reviews and amazing description from their website had me ready to try them. Once I did, I never looked back. I am now a Brand Ambassador with them and looking to the future as being bright with their company, Bits Of Health.

My running has improved dramatically, as well as my overall health. I feel better and have cut out all gels when running. I now only run on ENERGYbits and real food. Another important fact: These aren't just for "running." Whatever your form of exercise is, ENERGYbits will work for you. Or if you just feel that twinge of hunger hitting you and you don't want to eat, eat, eat. Just pop some bits in your mouth and have a glass/bottle of water. They are a great wholesome snack that will keep you full, as well as mentally alert. I use these for my running, but my main reason for using the bits is to stay healthy. Spirulina Algae is nature's wonderful invention and I love it!

About a month ago I was having a conversation with Catharine Arnston, the Founder and CEO, about the benefits of another product made and manufactured by Bits Of Health. That product would be RECOVERYbits. Since I am an extra long distance runner, Catharine mentioned that I should try them sometime. Made from 100% Chlorella Algae, RECOVERYbits helps prevent colds, builds the immune system, and improves digestion, just to name a few. Any long distance runner knows that our body breaks down over long training cycles and we are prone to colds leading up to big races. Adding RECOVERYbits after long runs, as well as using ENERGYbits before and during, would keep my body firing on all cylinders. I also love that RECOVERYbits helps in rebuilding RNA and DNA, as well as rebuilding blood cells. That is very beneficial to me as I donate blood for the American Red Cross on a regular basis. By taking RECOVERYbits I will be able to bounce back quicker and resume full on training with limited interruption.

Like ENERGYbits, they contain an amazing amount of protein. RECOVERYbits contain 60% and also have over 40 key nutrients that our body needs. Like I said at the start of this blog, there's just something about this green pill. It's simply amazing what algae can do.

I have taken the RECOVERYbits for the past few days and can't wait to see how they help me. I have also shared them with my wife and young daughter...YES, they are great for kids too!! If you get the chance to try them, you should. They have a great taste, like a "soy nut." However, I would still recommend swallowing them with a big glass of water.

I am so glad I came across ENERGYbits/RECOVERYbits and Bits Of Health. They make fantastic all natural Spirulina and Chlorella algae products that will keep me healthy, alert, and happy. Hopefully you will feel the same way I do and check them out.

ENERGYbits & RECOVERYbits are an excellent, healthy combination.

Disclaimer: I am a Brand Ambassador for ENERGYbits. However, I am not a Brand Ambassador for RECOVERYbits. I took time out of my day to write this because I believe this will help me, along with others, in recovering from post work-outs, and help with the prevention of colds. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. If you want to order ENERGYbits at anytime, you can use my code ULTRA for 30% off a bag of 1,000 bits. See you on the roads or in the woods.....

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