Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Sole Challenge 24 Hour--My Thoughts.

This coming Saturday, May 25th, I will be running my very first 24 hour race-run. It's called The Sole Challenge 6-12-24 Hour Run. Up until yesterday I was as calm as a Hindu cow. But as I was searching who was in the race, how good they are, thinking of where I will place, my nerves have kicked in. Scared? A little. After a monster January of running, with one week at 141 miles, I have really slacked off in my training. Although I have logged some good runs where I have totaled 20+ and 30+ miles, I haven't put enough of those in to feel confident in my ability to do well. And for the amount of people that are running, there's some good talent toeing the line.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I never really prepare for a race. I run a certain amount every week with no distinct plan. Sometimes that really works out and I have a great race. Other times I bomb in nuclear fashion. The one good thing is I have had some great encouragement over the past week from new friends, lifelong friends, and from my wife. One comment was always the same. "There's no set miles so do what you can do." I really need to remember that as I am letting people lap me in the early part of the day. I need not get caught up in a "quicker" pace that will leave me hurting 12 to 16 hours later. I do have a realistic goal that I have set for myself, as well as a wish goal. I will be keeping those both to myself so I don't feel the pressure of having to hit a certain number. There will be some real horses out there, yet only a few have went further than 50 miles. On the ladies side, wow, it's going to be a good one. My friend Laurie, as well as Angie should put up sick numbers. I am really pulling for them. But honestly, I am only concentrating on the men and my a point. My wife and two little girls will be there through the day to keep me positive. With it being a loop course of 1.5+ miles, I will see them a lot. That will most certainly keep my mind off things.

I love the fact the the RD--Rick Meyers, will be allowing personal listening devices. I've loaded up on music and movies to listen to. That way I can just zone out and keep to my schedule. I will be doing a walk-run routine right from the start, and hoping people will blow up when it gets late and we all start to get really tired. That's if I don't blow up with them. I really want to keep up on my hydration and take my ENERGYbits every hour. It will help keep me mentally focused and help keep the fatigue down. When I go long I have trouble eating and drinking so I plan to really force it all down. With the time, distance, and calories I will be burning, I will to need to stay on top of things.

I will have an assortment of Injinji Toesocks with me to change in and out of. That should really help keep my feet fresh and blister free. I will be bringing along both pairs of my SKORA "real" running shoes. I love the "Form" and the "Base" and will be logging some quality hours in them. However, I will be bringing other shoes to switch to when my feet get tired. Anything to keep going. This is going to be a huge day for me as I will be setting a PR for distance if things go right. I'm really excited to see new friends, old friends, and great people in general. I know Rick and his crew will be putting on a top notch event. He will be on top of food and drinks, and will be catering to the vegetarian and vegan runners as well. I can't thank him enough for that.

And as always, when I do these personal blog posts, I try to do them for years down the road. Just a little something to remember and read when I am too old to do this great thing we do. It's going to be the most pain I have ever put myself through. And with 100% certainty I will think about stopping, but I won't. Too many things are given to us now-a-days, this will not be one of them. This will be painfully earned. This will show me how strong I am on the inside. And when I stop running at 24 hours, tears will be shed. I will hand my medal to my daughter Emily, and I will think about loved ones that have passed who would be proud of me. Yes friends, this weekend is going to be "liquid awesome."

A special thank you to my sponsors for everything. Injinji ToeSocks, SKORA Running Shoes, Vega, and ENERGYbits. I couldn't make it this far without you. From training to racing, you keep me stocked up and ready for anything.

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