Sunday, August 7, 2011

Really Confused

Well the Catoctin 50k has come and gone. And gone with it was a dnf from myself. The week leading up to the race I was pretty sick. I also put in 46 1/2 hours at work, with a 11 1/2 hour day the day before the race. I just did'nt have it at all. There was no desire to finish the race. I dropped at 17 miles in. My next race will be the Freedoms Run marathon. And after that, Fire On The Mountain 50k. After that, I am not sure about my future with running.

I am not sure if it's my work schedule, the lack of time I get to spend with my family. Or if I just lost my desire to get out there everyday and run. When I do get out there I feel great. I love it. It's just the whole idea of getting out there. I know I have a commitment to the Companies that sponsor me. That's the reason I still get out there and do it. If anyone stumbles onto this, help me out. Tell me what to so because I am really confused.