Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catoctin Trail: Part Two

Catoctin Trail: Part Two

Last Saturday we ran some of the course that the Catoctin 50k is run on. Today I had the chance to run it again. This time we did'nt start off at the Tea Room, which is the start of the Cat 50k. We started at Hamburg Road, which is somewhere around the 7 to 8 mile point. It starts out somewhat flat. The trail is not groomed and is really super rocky at points.

There is still a good amount of climbing on this section. I believe the whole Blue Trail is rated moderate to technical. I think I lost Steve about 2 miles in. I wanted to conserve on the way out and maintain on the way back. Steve was going for distance so he ran more than run-walk. On the turn around he only had me by a half a mile so I was stoked on that. We caught back up to some friends that were out doing 20. Steve ended up with 16 and me 15.5. I met some of the other runners for the first time. One talked to me about her kids and how my wife should get together with her to have play dates. I ended up passing her and never did see her until the end. By then she was tired and just left. Oh well, we've got other

I did almost tramp right down on a 4 to 5+ foot mountain black snake. This thing was thick!! The run overall was good. I took my VESPA 60 minutes before we started and one when I was 2 hours in. I only drank water and took no food until I got home. Mentally I felt great. I just need to start really running. I've got a major goal at the end of August that I want to achieve. Anywho, whomever drifts by and reads this, thanks!!

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