Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catoctin Trail Run

The above photo's were taken today, June 25th. This is part of the Catoctin Trail, on the Blue Blaze section. It is rated moderate to difficult. And they are'nt kidding. We'll be running the Catoctin 50k on July 30th. So today we went down and put in 10 to 11 miles. The sections we ran had hardly any flat sections. It was basically long rocky downhills and then right back up rocky inclines. The plan is to go back down next weekend for some more training.

I took my VESPA All Natural Amino Acid Supplement before the run and felt good throughout. My legs were beat up, but that's another story. A few hour run out there is like running three hour's on flat. For the rest of the day and evening I have been watching the Western States 100 unfold. It won't be too much longer. Kilian was a few minutes ahead of Mike Wolfe. I am going to end this and go see the end. Keep running!!

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