Saturday, February 21, 2009

For you who may stumble over my "blog", this will give you some indication as to who I am. And for the rest of you who do know who I am, I will tell you why I am here on this site. First and foremost, I am not going to act like any of you care what I have to say. I know we all have a million other thing's to do beside's reading "blogs". My main reason for "blogging" is because this is easier for me to keep track of my running and races. I have a habit of writing thing's down on paper, (time's, split's, mile's, etc.) and then misplacing them. On here, well, I just can't misplace anything.

With that said: My name is Ray and I am a 37 year old runner from the state of Maryland. I have been running for the past 7 year's now and I love every minute of it. There's nothing like lacing up your shoes, walking out the door, and hitting the road for an hour or more. When I first started running I could only make it around the track one time without having to stop and walk. I wasn't overweight, but I was WAY out of shape. We all have our stories as to why we started running. Mine was to get in shape for a Toughman Competition in West Virginia. After being punched in the face by a nasty smelling sweaty person over and over I quickly learned that I REALLY liked running. I kept at it after that and a 1/4 mile turned in to a 1/2 mile, and so on. I ran my first 5k a year later. It wasn't a great time, 25:09, but I was happy with it. Six month's later I ran my very first Marathon, actually, Ultra Marathon. Never having run more than 15 miles at once, I embarked on the JFK 50 Mile Ultra. I can't tell you how many people told me that I couldn't do it, but I can tell you how many said I could. Out of everyone that I know, three people told me I could finish. I completed the 2003 JFK50 in 12:31 at a overall pace of 14:59 per mile. Yeh, I know, "That's slow"....and you're right. But I didn't quit!! And I didn't come in last either. I have since knocked 3 hour's and 22 minutes off of that time and this year I PR'ed with a time of 9:09:45. This year I hope to break 8:00.

Anywho, that was my formal introduction in to Ultra Running and I have been hooked ever since. I have completed 6 consecutive JFK50 Ultra's which put's me in to the "250 Club". Not too bad for someone who hated running and didn't start until age 30.

As for me now? I am running for "Mercury Endurance" and that is really helping me. There was a day not too long ago when I would just go out and put in half hearted junk miles. Now I have my friend and Coach, Jamie Boward telling me exactly what to do to be better and more efficient. I never thought I would break 6:00 for a mile. Well on June 10th of 2008 I ran a personal best of 5:54. By the end of the summer I hope to drop it down even further. My best 5k time is 20:24 (2008) and the plan is to be around 19:00 this summer. I log between 60-90 miles per week as of right now, but will up that to 100-120 a week in September to get ready for the JFK.

Like I said, the main reason I have went to this site to "blog" is for my running. I was doing some writing on my MySpace page but it just didn't have the right feel to it. There are time's when I like to ramble on about my running, or running in general. Plus I just like to write. This just seem's more open and strictly for writing so it benefits everyone.In closing, thank's for stopping by, leave your comments if you like. But even if nobody does, well, I'll still be here typing away about everything running. From getting new running shoes to injuries (I hope not!), it will all be in here.

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